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Business profiles 

and thought leadership

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a start-up, a PR agency representing a client, or the executive of a large corporation, an expertly written business profile will communicate your vision and bring it to the attention of a wider audience. It's invaluable for building your brand presence or for a targeted campaign. I can write a one-off profile or a series of thought leadership pieces based on several interviews.

What's my experience? I am a former in-house writer and journalist for the BBC, with a specialty in writing profiles about the people behind brands and businesses. I've interviewed top executives, bankers, writers, academics, journalists, actors, directors and entrepreneurs over a career that has spanned 20 years. 

One-off business profile: 

  • An interview that takes about an hour and talks about your experience, passions and ideas and how this connects to your brand or service. 

  • Research on your sector including your competitors and your target audience.

  • Agreeing on your key messages. 

  • Content that can be used for different platforms depending on your objectives. 

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Thought leadership: 

  • Several interviews on your chosen topics.

  • Research on your competitors. 

  • Agreeing on your key strategic messages and objectives.

  • Publishing content on your chosen platforms at regular intervals. 

  • Content that positions you as an authority in your field and strengthens your brand presence. 

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