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Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. The way you talk about it matters. I can help you articulate the words to attract your ideal customer. My approach is to clearly define what your brand stands for and to communicate that purpose in an authentic way to others. Increasingly, people want to buy from businesses that stand for something. Professionally produced SEO copy can:


  1. Build loyalty and awareness

  2. Position you as an authority

  3. Connect you to your customers

  4. Establish your credentials

  5. Get you found on Google 

Content can span a range of things, from telling your brand story for your website to writing newsletters, brochures and native advertising, also known as paid content or sponsored content. I have extensive experience in blogging and business profiles, which you will find listed under my services. 


My content and copywriting services include: 

  • A free consultation that will focus in on your business needs and goals. 

  • A brief that will suggest ideas for working together and delivering the copy that suits you, including a quote for the work. Rates vary depending on complexity and project, but my services are reasonable.  

  • Two rounds of revisions to get exactly what you want. 

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