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Hi there. Welcome to my freelancing blog

Stephen King once said about writing, 'The scariest thing is always just before you start.' It's the very thought of starting that puts a lot of people off. I have composed sentences in my head, imagined writing a novel, thought about launching a dog-walking business (for about a minute), but sometimes starting is the hardest thing. This is what starting something looks like.

I suppose this is where I should tell you, my reader, what this blog is meant to be about. Following the tried-and-tested formula, I explain what great pearls of wisdom you'll get by reading my words. Well, writing is a journey - sometimes you don't know exactly where you are headed, but you hope to get there and you hope the journey is occasionally entertaining along the way. This is a taster of what to expect, but things could change:

  • Stuff about freelancing and my exciting life sitting at my dining table in my socks.

  • Some insightful interviews with freelancers and entrepreneurs, the ups and downs, and what it takes to launch your own business.

  • Some tips (these are to be determined but they will be life-changing, believe me).

  • A rejection of the myth that all freelancers are addicted to coffee, hang out at hip coffee places and don't get out of their pajamas. (I don't hang out at hip places.)

  • Pictures of my cat, who is like my business partner, but a more photogenic one.

  • Yeah, you might get some lists.

  • The occasional takeaway - think of it like a fortune cookie for your mind, not your stomach.

I hope you like what you read. If you do, pass it around and subscribe. We freelancers need a bit of help getting, you know, work.

Takeaway: If you've done it well, reading your words shouldn't be painful. Unfortunately the process of coming up with these words often is. (Amazing insight, I know.)


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